The congress will be held in Università Statale di Milano and in Museo Civico di Storia Naturale.

Why Milan?

  • Italy is a hotspot of richness and endemism for amphibians and reptiles in Europe, and many SEH members are from Italy. However, no SEH congresses have been organized in Italy until now
  • Milan is the second largest city of Italy, hosting major scientific institutions and many herpetologists work in the Milan region
  • Excellent and cheap connections with all the cities of Europe, and direct flights with major destinations worldwide. For instance, there are Ryanair connections with > 80 airports, and EasyJet connections with > 60 airports
  • A wonderful city, with major museums, artistic beauties, and nightlife
  • Excellent position within Italy. It is easy to organize trips and visit art cities (e.g. Florence and Venice: 2h by train; Rome: 3h by train), or to explore the nature of the Alps or the Mediterranean areas of Italy.